Sailors Friend


Experimental App to Alleviate Sea Sickness

  • Provide information to the Brain via Sound
  • Replace the effects of watching the horizon and sea State with Sound
  • Sound modulated as a function of boat movement
  • Uses Internal Motion sensors of an iPhone to create sound

Curtain Calculator


Manage & Design of your home or business Curtain Projects with Curtain Calculator:

  • Save Time & Cost with the Automatic Curtain Design Calculator
  • Save Material Waste with Curtain Materials Quantity Calculator
  • Creates a Parametric Model of Curtains to scale & fit to your windows
  • Ensure all your Curtains “look the same”
  • Fabric Cut Sheet Calculator
  • Curtain Design Dimensions Preview
  • Template Based Curtain Design Methodology
  • Ideal for Home Decorators or Commercial Curtain Designers.

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TVMDC is a Nautical Navigation School App. Designed to help sailors and boaters to learn to Navigate, Read charts & Plot a course. It’s a simple to use calculator:

Learn to Navigate the waters..

  • TVMDC corrections
  • Set & Drift vectors
  • Best Course to Steer

Supports iPhone platforms.

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BedmateIcon40@3xDream Stimulator

  • Fall asleep with the soporific sound of thunder storms or a running stream.
  • An hour before you wake up, ramp up soft sounds during your REM Dream phase.
  • Control your Dreams.
  • Exotic Jungle Sound Dreams
  • Relaxing Dreams for a better sleep quality
  • Leads to a better overall sleep.
  • Wake up with more Energy… and a Smile on your face..

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The Multi-Location Search Tool

The Map Search Tool to Search for Multiple places on a single map.

Each search with it’s own icon color.

Examples might be….

  • Search for Swimming pools near Coffee Shops near Libraries?
  • Search of Bars, near Hotels, near Indian restaurants?
  • Search for Clothes shops near a Cinema and a Pizza place?
  • Find a Hotel by the Airport by a French restaurant?

Supported on all iPhone platforms….

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You’re a Web Site Developer looking for More Sales, More Work or More Revenue?

LeadGen is an App for WebSite Developers looking for more business.

Find businesses, establishments and organizations without a registered web presence… and give them a call to ask them if they need you help?

It addresses the problem of Sales and lead generation for Web Site Developers.

Leadgen shows on a Map, a simple display of any establishment with or with-out a Web presence, registered with Maps.

  • Simple Red Blobs show establishments, in a given search area, with no Registered Web Presence.
  • Green Blobs show establishments with a Web site.

Supported on iPhone and iPad platforms.

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iPhone & iPad Apps Available for Download on the iTunes App Store   TVMDC for Sailors and Boaters learning to Navigate: View in iTunes…  EVHotels for EV Drivers trying to find Hotels that offer charging: View in iTunes   Curtain Calculator for folks making their own Curtains: View in iTunes…  Sailor’s Friend for Sailors who suffer from Sea … Continue reading


Customize your dreams as you Sleep with the REM Dream Stimulator: BedMate

Curtain Calculator

Calculates material quantity, cut list, and project cost from custom designs and windows


Find Thousands of Businesses without registered Web Sites.
Find New Customers for Web Developers…


Map search optimizes distance between several search categories