Sailors Friend : Sea Sickness

puke832xExperimental Sea Sickness App

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Sea Sickness is often caused by the inability of our inner ears and brains to predict motion. Staring at the Horizon & local sea state can help to alleviate the symptoms. Removing this information feedback often makes sickness worse.

Sailors friend can provide  information in form of sound to the brain – related to a boats motion.


Motion Sensors in the iPhone are used to modulate sound. A Sailor listing to this modulate sound receives information related to the boats movement. Our hope is that this better allows for a Sailor’s brain to quantify a boat’s motion and hence reduce the feeling of nausea.

Sailor’s Friend is an experimental app. Like other sea sickness solutions, we don’t know if will work on everyone. We believe that it will not work for everyone. Never-the-less we hope that this App can provide some people with additional information to the brain; to better help them comprehend the motion of their boat, while not looking directly at the sea state or horizon.

We would appreciate feedback, ideas or inputs?

This App Runs on iPhones and iPads.

To operate: Plug your iPhone or iPad into power and lay the phone flat on your nav table. Start Sailors Friend. Press Start.

For improved sound quality: connect Sailor’s Friend to a Bluetooth Speaker.

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